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Entertainment for your event

Music and dancing is an important part of any function. A good crowd on the dance floor makes any occasion memorable.
We have seen all types of entertainment including bands, solo artists, DJs, comedians, magicians, jukeboxes, karaoke machines and iPod playlists.

This is a recommendation for the type of entertainment you should choose depending on your taste and budget.

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There is nothing better than your favourite band smashing out some killer tunes to keep your guests dancing in to the night.
Start looking at local entertainers on Facebook or searching for their websites. Any decent, established party band will have some sample audio and/or video to view online. Bear in mind the sound quality usually is worse that the live sound you should expect.
No matter what your taste in music, there will be a local group who can play songs you will love.
A band fee usually reflects their competence and a great band will not be cheap.
If they need to learn special songs expect to pay a premium so choose a band with a repertoire that suits your tastes.
Remember a band is going to be usually 3 to 5 performers and there will need to be a suitable place for them to perform as well as somewhere to store their personal affects and get dressed as well.
The band will also usually require a meal if they are performing at meal times.
Accommodation may also be required if they are travelling to your show.
Ask the band to supply a playlist for between sets to make sure the break music suits the show.
One last thing- a band needs a PA system. Some will travel with their own and others will ask you to supply a sound system and possibly an operator to keep the sound quality in check throughout the night.

Solo/Duo Artists

Live music is definitely a highlight of any special occasion.
A solo artist or duo will be able to play a wide variety of songs and will also relate to your audience and keep the style of music your guests all love.
Keep in mind a premium solo or duo act will be able to change their sound throughout the night using special effects and well rehearsed instrumental tricks. These acts will be at the premium end of the price scale, but their performance is always worth it.
Many of these solo or duo acts should play regularly at night spots in your town and you should definitely check them out live once or twice and make sure their song selection and ability matches your expectations.
As per the band requirements above, expect to feed and accommodate the act and may require a sound system to be supplied as part of the contract.

Duo in Darwin. Bands, soloists available here

Disc Jockeys (DJs)

A DJ is a great option if the budget does not stretch to a band or if you need a wide variety of music styles no band could ever play!
Great DJs will be able to read the crowd and mood of the room, keeping the crowd entertained.
Any DJ should have a massive variety of songs available and the best ones will know exactly when to drop the right track to keep the party going.
Be aware, some DJs are only good at a single style of music. If you are having a themed night then that is probably a good choice, but remember most audiences will be a mix of people with a variety of tastes so you should seek out somebody who can play something for everybody at least some of the time.
To help your DJ make the show great, drop them a list of your favourite artists and tracks. They may not play them all but this list will help them build out a playlist that you will enjoy.
A fantastic DJ will also help MC if required and can also keep the schedule if this is important.

Jukeboxes and Karaoke

This is a great option for those who need an economical choice of music but do not have their own collection or have no time to make a playlist.
Throughout your event guests will be able to pick their favourite tracks from what is usually a wide variety of genres and styles including Classics, Top40 and everything in between.
With a jukebox there is always a chance somebody will select a few dud tracks, but the skip button should take care of that.
A popular option is to add a karaoke playlist to a jukebox and invite your guests to sing along to their favourite tracks. Could be scary, but also loads of fun!

DIY Playlists

Creating your own playlist is the least expensive option for music and entertainment.
Try and anticipate the time of night that the music will come on. A popular dance track during the main course is wasted!
We have seen some customers use a few different playlists in anticipation of how the night will go which we think is a great idea.
You may also invite guests to plug their own phone, iPod or similar in and play their own favourites, Warning, this results in lots of 10 second songs and many disagreements over what is played, especially later in the night.
You will need a rugged sound system to cope with this as well. The many pops and cracks caused by unplugging devices has caused many speakers to give up through the night.

A professional Master of Ceremonies (MC) is a brilliant choice for a corporate function and also for formal occasions like weddings and engagements.
They are brilliant at keeping your guests engaged and making sure proceedings run smoothly. Typically charming and funny, an MC will add that extra level of brilliance to any event.

Comedians are great as a novelty throughout the night. Remember many family shows have kids and possibly people who are easily offended and you should choose an act that suits your demographic. A potty-mouthed act might not sit well with certain audiences.

Magicians can help break the ice if you have a mixed age audience. A great magician will usually perform small tricks as guests mingle and be available for a performance on stage later in the evening.
Magicians are perfect for corporate audiences and some will really impress with their talents for making the impossible happen right in front of your eyes.

In Conclusion

Depending on your budget, we always recommend getting the best entertainment you can afford.
If you can afford a 5 piece band and an MC with a magic act half way through, wow, you have a great party there!!
Don't forget to add some appropriate lighting to help with the mood and ask the performers to get on board with your theme or learn your favourite song.
If you need help choosing the right talent, we have contacts in the industry and can genuinely recommend a band, duo, soloist, MC, comedian or magician suitable for your event.
We also have contacts in the sound and lighting hire industry to make sure you get fantastic, reliable equipment suitable for your needs.