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Inviting Guests

Are you planning a special occasion and wish all of your friends could be there?
This guide will help you ensure everybody who is invited, and more importantly those who have given a positive response actually turn up!


  • you invite all of your friends and family to your awesome celebration
  • Everybody says 'YES!'
  • You put heaps of work in, spend lots of money...... but very few people turn up!


  • Everybody hates you?
  • There was a better offer?
  • The car broke down?


Your friends and family still love you, there was no better offer ad the car still works fine.
So what went wrong?
With today's digital age, you most likely invited everybody on Facebook or via email and that just does not work!

  • By all means, create a Facebook event (private and invite your friends).
  • Send an email to colleagues and other friends and family
  • Then text the rest.
  • Send an actual real letter invitation to everybody else


Get yourself a list and make a column for each of these headings.

  • Name
  • email
  • phone
  • Facebook
  • SMS
  • letter
  • yes
  • no

Write everybody you want to invite in the name column and as you use each form of contact, tick the box beside the name.
When they respond, put a tick in the Yes or No box and circle the method they responded through.
Now you have a list of all invitees, and you know the best way to contact them.


  • Share your Facebook event and tag your friends and family to remind them of the date. They should start to comment and start a rush of RSVPs and every time somebody comments, it will be in the news feed again.
  • Send another email to those who did not respond, and thank those who replied as well.
  • Send another text message, make your guests feel important. If your guests are older try and use real words as abbreviations just don't cut it!
  • Now, there will likely be some invitees who do not Facebook, text, email or whatever. What do you do? You send an invitation through the post. Seriously, grab their address and get to it! These people will likely respond in an old fashioned manner as well, so make sure you invite them early to allow time for correspondence to arrive.
  • Gold medal advice right here - Thank everybody for their RSVP. If you make them feel important then they will come. Make people feel like you respect them and they are important, and they will be there.


We recommend a reminder to everybody 1 week and then again 2 days before your event.
People are busy and easily distracted so keep your occasion at the top of their agenda.
If they RSVP'd via email, send them a message.
If they RSVP'd via Facebook, send them a personal message and include the event link to remind them how much fun it will be.
If they RSVP'd by phone, then call them, make sure they know the address and start time.
Likewise a text reply requires a text reminder.
If you are using other social apps, use these to remind others as well.


Enjoy your party of course!!
Now that everybody has arrived, on time, in their best dress (maybe!) it's time to celebrate.
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